I am retiring from rattle making from the end of August 2018 but will accept orders up to that time. I have been making and selling rattles for over forty years and I have enjoyed every minute of it because of the wonderful customers both trade and retail I have had. I should like to thank you all for both your custom and loyalty and wish everyone best wishes for the future.


All rattles are handmade, sourcing the timber primarily from the UK. The rattles carry the CE mark for toy safety, the recommended age being 3-12 months. The rattles are about 15cms long.

The rattles are boxed using 70% recycled board and come with a scroll giving a brief history of babies' rattles and a gift tag for you to write a message. The scrolls and gift tags are made from 100% recycled materials including old bank notes.

The rattles can be either unpersonalised (plain) or personalised and there is a choice of colour for the gift tags and ribbons on the scrolls.

PERSONALISED RATTLES (Prices from £27.50)
For years our most popular range has been the personalised cherry rattle in the traditional style. Since the introduction of the contemporary design, more and more of our customers are choosing rattles of this new style.
PLAIN RATTLES (Prices from £22.50)
Plain Cherry (Traditional)
Plain Cherry (Contemporary)

We have decided to discontinue selling sycamore/maple rattles. Sales are very small and obtaining good quality wood is becoming increasingly difficult. Please accept our apologies.